Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cutting up rough

I'm very partial to venison, so I was pleased to see it appearing in the supermarket. It's a wonderful meat, fat-free, tender (providing it's gently cooked) and combining beautifully with a wide range of other great flavours, from bacon to fruit.
          So far I've tried two different cuts of Silver Fern venison, the diced and the stir-fry. In both cases, the meat has been excellent, but the cuts have been, well, rough, to say the least. The pieces of diced venison were wildly uneven in size and thickness, and had to be carefully recut to produce anything like even chunks. We had the stir-fry this week and that was the same - really uneven pieces of meat, as the picture shows. (It's just occurred to me that if I'd arranged them differently they'd look very like New Zealand...) This matters more for stir-fry because the whole point is to cook it quickly. Considering how expensive these neat-looking little packets of meat are, I don't think this is quite good enough.

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