Tuesday, September 7, 2010

World famous on NatRad!

A friend emailed me today to tell me that in her regular spot talking websites with Jim Mora on National Radio this afternoon, Ele Ludemann of homepaddock had talked very enthusiastically about this blog!  A wonderful surprise boost. Sometimes you think you're just writing away out here being read by a select few of your kind friends and rellies and sister bloggers, and suddenly you discover that someone else you don't know at all is a fan. Thank you, Ele, you made my day, week, month. Here's a watercolour of a cabbage for you! Harvey grew it, I painted it, then we ate it.


homepaddock said...

Thank you for the thanks and the cabbage - gardening, painting, cooking, poetry you're a mulit-talented couple.

I also enjoyed the daphne in the previous post.

My mother grew it and I've tried but the bushes don't like something in my garden and turn up their toes after a few seasons.

sasasunakku said...

I know the feeling! Isn't it lovely when that happens.