Monday, September 9, 2013

Lisa's celebrated Raspberry Mousse

Sunday in Pankow, Berlin. Today we celebrated Matthias' birthday with a very long brunch/lunch for 13 people. We sat outside on a perfect day, warm, still, slightly cloudy, and worked our leisurely way through chicken kebabs, meatballs, prunes grilled with ham, assorted hams and salamis, humus, tomato salad with mozzarella and basil ( I made that), tiny baked potatoes (I prepared those), potato salad, smoked salmon and avocado, assorted cheeses and the usual basket of glorious bread. Then, after a decent interval, came the dessert: a splendid blackberry cake picked up this morning from the local bakery, and Lisa's raspberry mousse.
      I have a long acquaintance with this mousse. Back in the late 1990s when Ulrike, Matthias and their daughter Lisa were living in Wellington, we invited them to share our all-day Christmas dinner, and gave them the important role of providing the Light Dessert (which comes after the cheese and before the Christmas Pudding, served straight after the Queen's Message). They turned up that first time with raspberry mousse, and after that they were asked to bring it every year. Lisa was already an accomplished cook and took the lead role in making it. She's 24 now, and last night she made it again, along with the humus, the chicken and its peanut sauce.

Lisa's raspberry mousse
This serves 6 people generously - the one we had was double the size.

6 sheets gelatine (I'm not sure what the equivalent is in powdered gelatine - will try to find out later)
75 - 100g white sugar (depending on how sweet you prefer it)
300g puréed raspberries (fresh are good but frozen are fine - purée them frozen)
350g plain thick creamy yoghurt
150g cream
If you want to make it really rich: 50-100g white chocolate

Soak gelatine in a little water for 10-15 minutes until soft.
Put in pan with just enough water to coat the bottom, and heat very slowly in large pan on very low heat - about 10 minutes - until completely dissolved.
Remove from heat. Add puréed raspberries. Stir in thoroughly.
Fold in yoghurt.
Whip cream to soft peaks and fold in.
If using chocolate, melt in microwave or over hot water and stir in.
Put mixture into serving dish or mould (Lisa used a flexible mould).
Leave to set in fridge overnight.
About an hour before serving, remove from fridge and unmould if necessary, placing mould briefly in a sink of hot water to loosen mousse.
Serve with more whipped cream or just as is.


Deborah said...

That looks divine.

AnneE said...

Oh yes. Had leftover mousse for breakfast today...