Thursday, November 25, 2010

The last of the whitebait

I thought we wouldn't be eating whitebait again this year, but a little while ago a friend brought round - wait for it - a whole pound, over 500 grams. It was amazing whitebait, the biggest I'd ever seen, with a thin stripe down the back. The picture doesn't do it justice, it was still a bit frozen in its packet, I should have taken another one when it had thawed.

What I like is where it came from. He knows a woman farmer who lives in Westland, and she has a creek on her land. She gets a pair of pantihose, sets them in the creek with the top part opened wide, and the whitebait swim in and up the legs. Perfect.
          I was a bit nervous about cooking it after my previous less-than-brilliant efforts, but this time I had help - the farmer sent her own recipe for the batter. For this much whitebait, it was two large eggs, two dessertspoons of flour, and salt. (She said pepper too, but as I explained last time, Harvey doesn't approve of that.) And here - ta-daa! - is the fantastic result - I made three of these.

For the first time in his life, Harvey had more whitebait than he could eat. So the whitebait-bringer and I  finished his off between us.


Alexia said...

Oh goodness. This makes me so envious - and so hungry! They look perfect.

I'm a South Islander now living in the Bay of Plenty. I have fond, distant memories of being given, or being able to buy at prices which don't require a mortgage, quantities of beautiful whitebait.
Each year I try to find some and have one small treat (luckily, the husband doesn't like it) but this season I didn't even manage that.


Mary McCallum said...

So much whitebait!!! Lucky you (and Harvey). Yum.