Monday, January 24, 2011

Small pleasures

Over the last four weeks I've been cheered by some small pleasures, mostly brought by sympathetic friends, and often turning up at exactly the right time to take me out of myself and lift me over a rough patch.

First there were the beautiful blueberries Lesley grew on her Karori bushes, the offspring of the ones she grew in Taupo. She gave me some just before Harvey died, and more just after. I can't show you a picture because I've eaten them.

On Christmas Day itself, my friends turned up with a whole tableful of nourishment, including this platter of no less than seven different kinds of what can only be described by the medieval term of sweetmeats. Fortunately I had many people over the folllowing week to share them with.

On the Monday, Ali came to stay with me. She brought her home-made bread, a delicate French sauce to heat up slices of ham in, and my delayed Christmas present - a whole home-made panforte. But I forgot to photograph it, and now it's all gone (I cut up the last piece for last night's dinner, to eat after the cheese). Later others brought cardamom shortbread, lemon pesto, madeleines, and a certain superb small fruitcake...

On the day of the private funeral, Harvey's niece flew up with a freshly caught and cooked crayfish. I ate it with my sister and brother-in-law, who stayed on for the weekend to look after me. There was a little bit left, and on the Monday, when everyone had gone, I ate it creamed for lunch.

A few days later, Lois gave me this beautiful little box of macarons - I didn't know you could get the real thing in Wellington. I ate all four of them - strawberry, coffee, vanilla and lemon (the best) - in bed one night after dinner.

  Now it's my turn to provide. Jonathan and his friend Eric have arrived, and for a month I will have people to cook for and eat with every night.


Deborah said...

I ate all four of them - strawberry, coffee, vanilla and lemon (the best) - in bed one night after dinner.

This made me smile.

Becs said...

Hi chick

I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger award - thanks for your inspiration!

Visit to view and grab the award :)

- B xx