Thursday, March 17, 2011

Off down south

I'll be away until 1 April - my housesitter will miss Dorothy. I'm off to explore the Deep South  - I've never gone down past Dunedin before. Maybe I'll encounter the legendary Cheese Rolls! Meanwhile here are pictures of the beautiful greengage plums I baked with brown sugar in the slow cooker this week - the last of them will do for dessert tonight after Indian takeaway curries with friends - and the salmon fishcakes I made on Monday night to commemorate Dorothy, using up the tin I'd opened for her last breakfast.


Zo @ Two Spoons said...

Drive to milford, plus a lot of the little stops along the way = totally awesome. Especially the Chasm.

Cruise at milford = mehhhh.

Geraldine = foodie bonanza.

Got a post on some foodie stops if you're driving. Hope you enjoy your trip! Really liked Otago, but not easy to admit to being a Cantab!

AnneE said...

Thank you - I've found the post and taken note.

mel said...

Dear Anne, I hope you are enjoying your trip down south - be sure to encounter those cheese rolls. I didn't think they looked like much, but I definitely got a little addicted to them in the end! :o)