Sunday, February 19, 2012

You made my day

Definitely better now, and just easing back into food, glorious food. It's very interesting working out what I want to eat. Still quite gentle, delicate flavours and textures, it seems. At the moment I'm keen on mashed-up avocado on toast with sliced fresh tomato on top. Coffee is back, and I've tried some wine, but I don't really feel like it yet, it doesn't taste quite right.

But this week I had a wonderful comment on an earlier post ("Pollo play") that really made my day. It's exactly the kind of comment all food bloggers long for. Minette wrote, "Tried this and loved it. Thank you for creating such a delicious meal. Your blog has removed the "what shall I cook tonight" problem from my life."

Thank you so much! I'm sorry to have let you down a bit lately, but I hope to be back to full strength and come up with something else you'll like next week. Meanwhile, here's the ultimate in non-domestic-goddess food - nachos made with a can of chili beans (I'm not quite up to chili or beans yet, but it won't be long). It's also very good (and healthier) made with brown rice instead of corn chips, plus a green salad...

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