Friday, February 10, 2012

Yum yum

Still nothing doing, thanks to this week's relapse (see Elsewoman), but I've been enjoying showing my photos to my friends, so I thought I'd post some more of the delicious Chinese food I scoffed. I didn't get a photo of the roast pigeon at the City Hotel in Xi'an, but I did get the braised goose Guangzhou style and snow peas at the Guangzhou Restaurant.


Founded in 1935, it's the city's oldest restaurant, with original stained glass windows, upstairs off the magnificent art deco Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Streets. 

And here are fish cakes, vege dumplings and my favourite, classical shrimp dumplings. 

Three of us ate them one Saturday afternoon, along with another seven kinds of delicious morsels, washed down by lashings of green tea, over a very happy two hours at Taotaoju in the same street, one of Guangzhou's famous yum cha restaurants. It looks spectacular, with its Venetian-style chandeliers and glittering mirror walls, but it's not expensive - the whole thing came to about $26. The businessman on the cellphone is unusual only because he's standing outside the main area. At family New Year parties all over the room there were men completely engrossed with their phones and ignoring everyone else, which was a bit sad, I thought.

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