Monday, February 6, 2012

Nothing doing

I'm sorry, this is another holding post. My lurgy turned out to be campylobacter, and I think I know exactly how and where I caught it in Guangzhou. I'm rapidly improving, but I'm still living on the blandest and most boring diet imaginable, so nothing interesting is going on in the kitchen - unless you count the revival of half-forgotten convalescent feeding skills involving broth, puree and jelly. Here's my dinner last night - a rather beautiful bowl of pureed soup, made from carrot and potato cooked in chicken stock.

And here, just to whet your interest (by the way, everything I show you here was perfectly safe and definitely not the source of my illness) is a bowl of delicious ginger junket.

We ate this at the teaboat in the Baomo Gardens outside Guangzhou.

It cost 6 yuan (about $1.25), and buying it entitled us to watch a half-hour concert of classical Chinese music, performed against the most beautiful backdrop I've ever seen.
I'll try to find out how to make it. But for now, I'll have to make do with probiotic yoghurt instead.


Dale said...

There used to be a recipe for ginger junket on the Renco (liquid) packet. Haven't made ginger junket since the 1980s - time to start giving it a go again?

Get well soon....

Anonymous said...

Beth says: Ginger jelly is also very fine - I used to make it from an infusion of root ginger, sparked up with a splash of Green Ginger Wine, and served in chunks (once set with gelatine of course) with tinned loquats. Very smart after a (NZ ersatz) Chinese dinner!